Soul Searching Twenty-Something Seeks Food Love: Settles For Food Like Most Days

Soul Searching Twenty-Something Seeks Food Love: Settles For Food Like Most Days

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Smaller is always Cuter

So what happens when you take the best vegan chocolate cupcake recipe, shrink it down into mini cupcakes, and top it with sweet gooey peanut butter icing?

Even better damn cupcakes!!!

For my dad's birthday, I made the chocolate cupcake recipe from before (minus the almond extract because my sister is morbidly allergic), and then topped them with a sweet and creamy peanut butter icing (she's fine with peanuts) and chocolate shavings.  I know it is a rerun for you poor readers, but they tasted just as good this time around, only I prefer the peanut butter to the raspberry

I'm not going to bore you with the details of how I baked the cakes (except that they only took 13-14 minutes to perfection).  Nor am I going to bother you with the specifics of how to make peanut butter frosting.  If you are really concerned, there are multiple recipes that will tell you to measure out this and that, tbut he truth is, I just dumped the goodies in (the goodies being peanut butter, confectioner's sugar, and soy milk) until it was perfect texture and taste.

I scooped the icing into a pastry bag and piped away in little circles on my mini cupcakes and then shaved bits of semi-sweet chocolate on top of them.  I iced fields and fields of little chocolate peanut butter cupcakes.  

I am going to take them home to my parents so that they can enjoy some of my vegan confections :D  They'll be happy with these little guys.  I know, because I tried them and they were tasty.  They were even husband approved :D

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