Soul Searching Twenty-Something Seeks Food Love: Settles For Food Like Most Days

Soul Searching Twenty-Something Seeks Food Love: Settles For Food Like Most Days

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Ethical Easter!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday celebrations (or lack thereof).  I wound up on the latter end, as Michael and I are far from religious (at least not organized) and he spent most of the day studying for his final exams.

So I spent most of the day home alone in my kitchen.  Please, send me no pity, for I am much happier on these alone in my kitchen days than I generally am at large gatherings.  And, besides, if I did not have the day alone in my kitchen, I wouldn't have such a delicious offering to share with you!

As I've mentioned before, I'm fond of Oh She Glows.  It's a great blog for lovely recipes filled with beautiful pictures.  Angela has an inspirational story about her food-history and path to her current way of living vegan.  And, it was the first vegan blog I came upon when I was considering a change in my eating habits.

I lifted her recipe almost completely, so rather than typing it all out for you to read, I'm just going to link you there.

What I DID do differently is throw in some cloves and nutmeg, as well as, use both dried cranberries and raisins AND soaked them in some nice and tasty spiced rum :D  I know lots of people on the health food circuit will tell you ixnay on the oozebay, but I am a big fan of encouraging moderation.  If I weren't, how could I champion anything with icings or glazes on them?  And I do have a pesky, ol' sweet tooth--YUM!

No real final thoughts, except to say that I thought this was a delightful, sweet, moist cake with just a hint of spice to it.  So rather than talk, I'll just expose you to a bit of food porn from the new DSLR that the Easter bunny brought me.

Ground Flax Seeds shaped like Oogie Boogie. . . No wonder I take so long to cook ;)
Freshly Grated Organic Carrots:  Remember, if you grate your fingers, it is no longer vegan.
When using citrus zest, organic matters EVEN MORE!
Rum-soaked raisins and cranberries tossed with walnuts

Fresh from the oven Carrot Loaf

Lemon Glaze oozing through the nooks and crevices of a freshly baked loaf.


  1. This looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This looks great! Beautiful photography and great recipes, love your blog! Am now following =]

  3. Thank you both for your support! It is a simple and delicious recipe-give it a go sometime!